Star Citizen hits $19 million in crowdfunding, Salvage mechanic detailed for $21 million

Picture Courtesy of Roberts Space Industries

Picture Courtesy of Roberts Space Industries

Roberts Space Industries have revealed that Star Citizen has now blitzed across the $19 million line.

$19 million unlocks new space stations across the galaxy, which players must fight over to own and manage. It also unlocks monthly installments of the RSI Museum as well as a “Jane’s Fighting Ships”-style manual free to all pledgers.

The crowd-funded space sim now has its sights set on $20 million, which will unlock planetary FPS combat.

The stretch goal for $21 million has been detailed: a new Salvage mechanic. “Salvage isn’t an aside: it’s a career, with its own mechanic, story tie-ins and universe-shaping endgames,” says RSI.

“Search the galaxy for a host of valuable and interesting secrets using both the flight and FPS components. Discover the secrets of the ancient Hadesians, locate valuable components and cargo… or go down in history the first to make contact an entirely new alien race!”

It all sounds very promising — but can Roberts really deliver on his magnum opus?

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